bridgetown alcohol ink art

So much has been happening Down in the Sticks. As they say, time flies when you are having fun..time certainly has been flying and much of it has been fun.

Blogging seems to be dying, or at least evolving, with microblogging on Instagram now my mode of communication. I’m still making, still parenting, still travelling (not so much couchsurf hosting though) and still enjoying those apples in the country. 

I’ve been a busy beaver, life is so short and I’m doing my damndest to enjoy it by doing ALL the things. Including workshops!

I love attending workshops and I love teaching them. Over the next few months I have some resin and alcohol ink workshops locked in, and some pretty quirky plans of some workshops next term and beyond. Seriously, watch this space, its going to be fun times of creativity!

Some first up for 2019:

Alcohol Inks: 23rd February.

This is an interesting medium and I think, almost fail proof in creating something abstractly spectacular. We will look at the materials needed for this medium, surfaces to create on, sealing techniques and more. This is a good workshop for those interested in resin, but not ready to take the plunge of resin art. 

Cheeseboard Resin Art: 8th March 

Resin Art Board 9th March

Resin is a great medium for making art, homewares and jewellery. But it can be expensive if you make mistakes and understanding its properties helps to avoid its temperamental tendencies! Learn about the types of resin, what to use for colour, getting those much appealing lacing effects and much more. These two workshops are a great introduction, with you being able to produce art and have the knowledge to go off and create your own resin pieces. 

 Want to join the fun? Click on the links above for the Eventbrite listings!