I tend to do things in my own time. So I took my time this year, took time to reflect on what I want from 2015. I did this last year and found it really satisfying, productive and long lasting.

In 2014, I took several days out to reflect and plan. I used the Leonie Dawson calendars for personal and business planning. These were ok, however if you are familiar with Leonies material…..well a bit namby pamby for me. I like the basis, she has a strong basis to her stuff, but yeah, the style is not my stuff.

So in 2015 I went back to basics. A diary. A big piece of paper for brainstorming. And over a weekend, some brainstorming and planning.

One thing I wanted to focus on was breaking my goals down. I want 2015 to totally rock, but I get distracted easily and I have so many ideas going around. Some of these are great ideas, but I struggle to pull them together. I can see the big picture, but struggle with the baby steps getting there. So I really honed in on baby steps, I've broken them down into smaller chunks.

And this year I've done something different. I've scheduled in CEO meetings with myself. I've diarised these meetings to assess the progress and rejigging of goals.

So what are my big achievements for 2015? I have four broad goals for this year. Privately I am much more specific, and perhaps later I might write more specifically, but broadly here they are!

Healthy Life

This is mostly a weightloss and fitness goal. I've decided on a number, I've broken it into small chunks. And I've got a series of review dates.

Further Education

This is an ongoing one with my degree being the main goal. However, I'm doing a few other things to learn some skills I don't have. I'm also seriously considering enrolling externally to do a course to formally recognise my sewing skills (and to fill some gaps in my knowledge). It is a time consuming course and not cheap. So I've decided to review that again in June.


I really want to take my kids to Bali. However saving for it is a challenge. A big one. So I'm breaking it down again. It may not happen when I want it to, and that's ok. I want to have it completely saved and paid for, before we go.

Organised Happy Healthy

I do a lot of things. I love being busy. But with so many roles, it's easy to forget or double book. With being a mum who is single with no outside support, and with equally busy children, it's also makes for some long days. So this goal is to stay organised, but make sure we plan meals, events, snacks ect so that we eat well. It's also about planning for that busy lifestyle so the house work doesn't get ignored. It menu planning, budgets and schedules.


So that's my main aims for 2015.

Do you write goals?

How are they going?