This weeks meal plan has me at uni 2 days, not getting home until 6.15pm and then we have 1 night that is netball/music lesson/football all in one evening. So three nights are tricky in that they need to be pre-made or need to be quick to prepare.


1. Apricot Chicken- Risotto Style (EDC thermomix)

2. Pasta with Tuna (EDC)

3. Lasagne

4. Shephards Pie

5. Fast Chicken Curry (EDC)

6. Chicken Mushroom and Bacon Parcels (The Road to Loving My Thermomix)

7. Creamy Seafood Risotto

Lunchbox and After school Snacks

Banana Bread, Muffins x 24, Tuna dip and crackers (EDC), Good Cookies



Meal planning is important for budgeting. It helps to plan what your family eats, helps to avoid midweek shopping and impulse buying and is generally just good for busy families 🙂

This meal plan uses a thermomix. Thermomixes rock.