This is a thermomix recipe for yoghurt, however yogurt is fairly easy to make and you don’t need a thermomix to make, or an easiyo set up. On Easiyo….those packets you buy….pretty much really expensive sugar, starter culture and whatever else they put in there. Don’t buy them, they are a rip off.


1-2 litres of milk, full cream or low fat, it doesn’t really matter. How much yoghurt do you want to make? Keep in mind, if you drain the whey, you will not end up with what you started with.

2 Tb natural live yoghurt. This is your starter and you will need to buy some plain yoghurt or reserve some each time you make yoghurt.


How to

Pour milk in the thermo and heat 10min/80/speed2

Leave to cool until the 37 light switches off.

Add yoghurt starter. Mix 5sec/speed 3

Heat 10min/37/speed2.

Pour straight into your thermoserver or container to keep warm. This is the key. You need a nice warm environment for the yoghurt cultures to do their thing and for the yoghurt to set. You could place in a casserole dish, lid on with a towel wrapped around, or in a thermos. I use my thermoserve and place in the oven overnight.

Leave for at least 6 hours or overnight if possible.

*drain the whey through a muslin. This is optional. I prefer to do it and I use the whey in cooking or ricotta cheese making (I will post up a blog post!)


Now you have plain yoghurt. It should keep nicely for up to 5 days.


Plain yoghurt is fine, but you can have a bit of fun flavouring your yoghurt. I generally grind 1/2 MC of sugar 10secs/9 and add this to my yoghurt along with whatever flavour I want to make it. For example, vanilla:few drops of essence, strawberry:a large blob of strawberry jam. Stir through

Jam makes a great flavouring, as does fruits such as banana and peaches. I do recommend the sugar, but play around with the quantities, see how low you can go to get the desired sweetness.

Let me know how you go! If you have any questions, please ask!