Exam week…..FFS

Think I did ok… No FFS.

Looked in the mirror last night and I think the bags under my eyes are in fact overweight suitcases…FFS

Have two straight weeks off, should be able to get more sleep….No FFS

But have enrolled in winter school, well hello cramming a unit normally done in 5 months, into 5 days….FFS.

Have drs appointment to have some tests and follow up on some others. My hair is falling out, I’m exceptionally tired, get crabby quickly, and stacking on weight….FFS

The general consensus is I’m stressed and not some illness that needs pills…….I want the illness, I can buy pills, I can’t fix stress….FFS

I want my thick, glossy, dark hair back….FFS

Well and truly behind with work…FFS

Have 4 weeks break from uni (winter school in the middle of that) ….No FFS

Looks like I’ll be catching up on work….FFS.

My kids are the most awesome, funniest, compassionate and gorgeous human beings. I’ll be getting through the next couple of years on the back of their fierce love…. No FFS


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