If I hear another person say the word stress, in any context……FFS

So it turns out my health ailments are not stress related. Told you. FFS

Seriously, if a friend or family member is otherwise happy and cheerful, enthusiastic about life, setting goals and meeting them….Don’t dismiss their health concerns as stress related. FFS

Found an awesome doctor tucked away at the local Medical centre. No FFS.

Makes up for the rude admin staff they employ at the local medical centre. FFS.

Was seen to by the most friendliest blood lady at the pathology clinic. No FFS.

Dr thinks I have PCOS and Pre-diabetes/Dibetes. But tested for some cancers, iron, thyroid and a bunch of other things. FFS

Missed phone call from Dr asking me to call medical centre ASAP. Missed another call from nurse at medical centre to call ASAP. FFS

Return call and have to encounter rude admin staff. FFS.

Told I need an iron infusion. Guess that means I have low iron. FFS

Might explain why I am just so tired all of the time. If I can get this much done on so little iron….bring on the next few weeks when my iron gets topped up ! No FFS.

Dr wants to discuss other blood results. FFS.

My kids have been bickering all week. FFS

My son had a fight with his best mate and was absolutely devastated in ways only a 5 year can be. FFS.

Other son has has me relearning high school maths all over again. Obtuse triangle anyone? FFS

Daughter had a birthday. No FFS

Other daughter cruises. No FFS.

Ready for bed. No FFS.

I love FFS Friday. I love reading others too! I follow along Sarah’s meme, you can join the fun at Move Fuel Love …FFS Friday meme