I signed up to be a couchsurfing host some time ago. I hosted one person (who was also a friend, so kind of doesn’t count). I had the opportunity to host HelpX’ers, two French travellers for 2 weeks, but not CS until a few weeks ago.

And what an experience that was.

A blessed experience.

Michael and Yen had only met about a week or so before coming to my place and need a couch to surf whilst doing some fruit picking work down my way. Michael is German and Yen is Dutch. And they were just so awesome.

They arrived and almost instantly they were just members of the family, it was like they had never not been part of the family. We ate and cooked together. We went and have swims together. They helped out around the house, hung out with my kids, helped with homework and we even threw a bit of a party for Yen who turned 21 during his stay with us.

And we got so much in return from having them in our home. I know a bit more about the night stars, how to sharpen my kitchen knives and that we don’t pronounce The Hague properly. I know a lot more about the university system in Germany, countries that border Holland and I ate more plums that I should have.

And we have gained two beautiful friends. It was really really hard to say goodbye after two weeks. Really hard. Both myself and the kids had grown so used to them being in our home, they created a void when they left.

If you get the chance to, be a couch surfing host. Don’t think that your place is too small or your life is too busy. It’s such a rewarding experience, I certainly have found it to be absolutely wonderful.

Have you couch surfed? Are you a host?